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skin brighteners

Do you experience issues with sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, or other skin discoloration issues?

Fortunately, there are many alternative skin brighteners on the market with ability to reduce unwanted discolorations and even out the skin tone.

What are skin brighteners?

Skin brighteners are products that target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These products help to brighten areas of the skin with pigment imbalances that manifest as dark patches, age spots, freckles, and melasma.

Skin brightening products come in many different forms including serums, creams, and lotions. Serums are thinner and lighter, which is ideal for oily skin types. Creams and lotions are thicker and great for normal to dry skin types.

Brightening not bleaching

The FDA only allows products with certain ingredients to be labelled as “lightening”.  Most skin bleaching products contain hydroquinone, a powerful chemical compound that works to bleach the skin and prevent melanin. While hydroquinone is quick effective, it has become a controversial skin care product as it’s been linked to numerous safety concerns including an increased risk of skin cancer development.

Skin brighteners use ingredients that are both effective and safe. Common ingredients found in skin brighteners include:

  • Arbutin: A molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin.
  • Kojik Acid: A natural acid derived from mushrooms and other plant materials that acts as a brightening agent.
  • Vitamin C: A natural antioxidant that is known to reduce melanin formation and give a radiant effect to the skin.
  • Vitamin B3: Also known as niacinamide and licorice extract, Vitamin B3 has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Glycolic Acid: A form of an alpha hydroxy acid that is a good exfoliant and a natural skin brightening agent.

Best brightening practices

There are two key things you can do to get the best results from using skin brighteners.

First, always protect your skin from the sun by using a high quality sunscreen. A single instance of overexposure to UV rays can undo all the results your brightener provides.

Second, exfoliate regularly to allow the brightener to fully penetrate the skin. We recommend the use of either mechanical exfoliation (such as Clarisonic systems) or an alpha hydroxyl acid based exfoliator product like SkinCeuticals C+AHA.

Our best skin brighteners

We offer a full line of skin brighteners from todays most trusted skin care lines at Iderma. We’re proud to offer the best in skin brightening including:

  • Cosmelan 2 – Cosmelan 2 is part of the Cosmelan Depigmentation System. The first part of the system is a mask that must be applied by a physician. Cosmelan 2 Home Treatment is a cream that follows the mask, or it may be used alone.
  • Colorescience Even Up – Using Lumira, a proprietary skin brightening complex, Even Up dramatically removes pigmentation and discoloration form the skin while also offering SPF 50 protection.


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