Windburn Treatments

Windburn is often mistaken as a type of burn, but it is nothing like a sunburn or regular burn. Windburn is a common skin condition where the wind has removed the top layer of oil from the skin, and is caused by a combination of cold wind and the sun stripping your face of oil. The results can be painful and ugly, an excessive dryness of the skin which results in redness and soreness. In some cases, your skin can also feel very itchy.

Windburn cannot typically be prevented by sunscreen, since wind exposure chaps the skin and removes oil even without the sun. But because oils in the sunscreen provides the skin moisture, they can help with windburn. People are often mistaken to believe that any burn on a cold day is windburn, but you can get sunburns on a cold day as well.

Windburn is oftentimes associated with winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. Being exposed at high altitudes to cold, dry, brisk winds can increase the possibility of severe wind burn. Goggles will keep the area around your eyes safe, but the rest of the face is still at risk. Keep in mind that any exposed, unprotected part of your body is vulnerable to windburn, not just your face.

Fortunately, windburn does not have the long-term effects on the skin that sunburns do. Once you have been burned by the wind, it will usually fade away on its own after several days, but only if you provide proper care to the affected skin. Here are some essential windburn treatments for your face this winter season.

Ceratopic Replenishing Cream

SkinMedica Certatopic Replenishing Cream product image Ceratopic Replenishing Cream is a ceramide replenishing treatment that relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin. Ceratopic replenishes the skin’s natural barrier to help speed the recovery of extremely dry, cracked skin found particularly on hands, elbows, knees and feet. It is specially formulated with the right balance of ceramide and other skin lipids found naturally in healthy skin. The result is a highly emollient, yet non-greasy treatment that helps restore healthy skin. Ceratopic is clinically proven to rebuild the skin's natural barrier function.

Elta MD Moisturizer

EltaMD Moisturizer product image Superior moisturizing power quickly penetrates skin to hold over 90% of water in skin cells for over 12 hours. Non-comedogenic, sensitivity and fragrance free with no active ingredients, water or preservatives. Works great as a nighttime moisturizer and in the treatment of severely dry or damaged skin. Relieves irritation, redness and flaking caused by some medications, including photodynamic therapy. Safe around the eyes for removing waterproof makeup, treating eyelid dermatitis and helping to repair windburn and tender skin.