Winner of Allure's Best of Beauty Award for two consecutive years. Elure improves skin color and tone by addressing brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Advanced Lightening Lotion and Advanced Lightening Night Cream are perfect for those with sensitive skin who are looking to avoid the harsh effects of hydroquinone. Best of all, Elure does not make the skin more prone to sun damage like alternative products.

These brightening creams utilize Melanozyme, the latest breakthrough enzyme, known as Lignin Peroxidase (LIP). Clinical tests indicate that LIP may help achieve greater results than Hydroquinone and herbal extracts. Elure saw an 8.25% decrease in Melanin color versus Hydroquinone with a 2.65% decrease.

By utilizing Elure twice a day for 30 days, you can reduce discoloration and brown spots. This product is truly a beauty breakthrough!

Our Recommendation for Elure Advanced Skin Lightening

The advanced skin lightening lotion was formulated for day time and night time use. One pump is easily applied to the face. The skin lightening night cream was formulated for night time use only and was created as an option for those who need moisture during the night. Our recommendation is to purchase the Elure lotion first, and the Elure night cream if you wish to moisturize at night.

Save $30 when you buy Elure Advanced Skin Lightening System.